Life is infact Beautiful

My first post on this website ended with the following lines:

Life is beautiful.


It’s a luxury not everyone can afford!

And, during my dark days I still think that life is a luxury.
A luxury we have all been blessed with. A luxury that doesn’t break our banks…

For the past 18 months I have been living a life that most only dream of.
And no, not a multi-million-dollar-beach-house-couple-of-Lamborghinis-and-a-private-jet kinda lifestyle. Sure, that would be great… but I have been living a life where the only ROI that I care about is happiness.

The happiness that comes with failing an exam alongside 137 other class fellows.
The happiness that rushes through you when you run into a friend on the street.
All of those shits and giggles, all of those long nights, all of them have yielded nothing but happiness.

Yeah, I still get those dark days. Everything looks bleak, but my entire world lights up when a familiar face greets me or when someone I admire responds to a week-old message.

While I could have just said:,” focus on the little things in life,” I didn't, and I think that’s exactly my point.
Those little things, aren’t so little.

Hearing a supercar, looking at your friend and freaking out… that’s not nothing, that’s a bond you shouldn’t let go of.

Accidental matching outfits… aren’t so much accidents as they are a comment on how both your brains function on the same frequency.

I am not sure where I am going with this, but I will leave you guys with a little trading advice for the stock-market of life…
The only valuable commodity in this universe is humans - Invest in humans, If you are skeptical of taking this risk, let me offer you an attractive deal:
Invest in 10 people around you, go large, give all you have and if your investment goes rouge, I’ll personally reimburse you for your loss, and fill that void…

And, if it all goes well, you’ll agree with me everytime I tell you:

Life is infact beautiful!

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  1. Life is beautiful if you treat it with care – find a way to avoid the dark spaces – take joy from a flower, from clean air, and blue sky. Make yourself smile as you open your eyes each morning and the world will smile back!

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